Precision Injection Mould Tool Design Specialists

Kavia Tooling is dedicated to designing and producing high-precision injection mould tools, catering to manufacturers and similar clients globally.

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Precision injection moulding tools design

Plastic Component Design Consultation

Let us provide you with an expert consultation regarding your plastic components.
injection moulding tooling

Injection Mould Tool Manufacture & Repair

Our team can manufacture brand new or repair existing mould tools.
Precision Injection Mould Tools

Customised CAD/CAM Software Solutions

Using the latest innovations we can provide you with a customised CAD/CAM software solution.
Precision injection moulding tooling design

Kavia Tooling, over 20 years of Precision injection moulding tooling expertise.

Kavia Tooling specialises in the design and manufacture of precision injection mould tools. Combining years of design and toolmaking knowledge, alongside state of the art CAD/CAM technologies, we are able to offer the optimum solution in terms of component tool-design and performance.

Tooling can be tailored to suit the production market, from budget requirements, to tooling covering single, or multi-impression, hot runner, auto unscrewing, moving cores (hydraulic and mechanical), split cavities, 3D cavities, sprung cores, mechanisms and maintenance.

Precision Injection Moulding Tooling Case Study

Kavia Tooling Limited is a Lancashire based British firm who specialise in the design and manufacture of complex or simple precision injection mould tools and plastic components. Continued investment in new injection moulding machines and advanced 3D design technology ensures efficient production, and that components are produced to the required tolerance levels.

Being a pioneering company, keen to develop advanced working processes and employ the most progressive technology, Kavia was the first company in the UK to trial and implement Autodesk Inventor Tooling 2009.

Employment Opportunities

At Kavia Tooling we are always interested to hear from skilled people from within our industry, from time to time employment opportunities pop up, please feel frr to submit your CV using the link below.

Working With Kavia

Whether you are looking to reshore your manufacturing back to the UK, transfer your injection mould tooling to us or start a new project, Kavia are ready to offer you the solution you need.