Injection Moulding Tools Services

Kavia Tooling is committed to the design and manufacture of high quality injection moulding tools at a competitive price and to ensure agreed deadlines are met.

Technical Excellence in Injection Moulding Tools Services

At Kavia Tooling, with over two decades of industry experience, we excel in designing and producing high-precision injection moulding tools. Our expertise is rooted in a rich design and toolmaking proficiency heritage, enhanced by the latest CAD/CAM technologies. We pride ourselves on transforming even the simplest of client ideas into fully realised, tangible products.

Our team, boasting extensive knowledge in all facets of tool design, is committed to providing each client with bespoke solutions tailored to their unique requirements. This client-centred approach, combined with our technical acumen, ensures that we consistently deliver products that meet and often exceed expectations.

Whether a simple idea or a complex design challenge, our clients rely on Kavia Tooling to navigate the journey from the initial idea to the final product with exceptional skill and attention to detail. 

Precision injection moulding tools design
Injection moulding tools

Kavia Tooling: The Powerhouse of Injection Mould Tool Services

At Kavia Tooling, we understand the critical role of injection mould tools in shaping various industries. We specialise in providing high-quality injection mould tool services that empower businesses to achieve mass production of precision plastic parts efficiently.

Our expertise extends across a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Automotive: We create top-notch injection mould tools for the automotive industry that produce lightweight yet durable components. This enhances vehicle performance and fuel efficiency and ensures that it adheres to strict safety regulations. From intricate engine parts to entire dashboard panels, we guarantee your tooling meets the ever-evolving needs of the automotive landscape.
  • Healthcare: The healthcare sector thrives on the precision and sterility offered by injection moulding. Our tools enable the manufacturing of complex medical devices and equipment that meet the high standards of hygiene and reliability crucial in this field.
  • Consumer Electronics: The consumer electronics world relies heavily on injection moulding tools. We design and build tools for producing parts in smartphones, computers, and other gadgets, where miniaturisation and precision are paramount. This method allows for consistently creating high-quality parts, ensuring your electronic devices’ functionality and aesthetic appeal.

By partnering with Kavia Tooling for your injection mould tool services, you gain access to:

  • Experienced Tooling Specialists: Our team boasts extensive knowledge and experience designing and manufacturing injection mould tools for diverse applications.
  • Advanced Technology: We utilise cutting-edge technology to ensure your tools are built precisely and efficiently.
  • Unwavering Quality: We prioritise quality in every process step, delivering durable and long-lasting injection mould tools.

Let Kavia Tooling be your trusted partner in bringing your plastic part vision to life. Contact us today to discuss your specific injection mould tool requirements.

Plastic Component Design Consultation

We provide a complete consultation service to discuss your requirements and needs. We want to learn about your business, products and more while also telling you about ourselves.

Full Tooling Design Project Management

Once a project is agreed our team will set about managing the project a project manager is assigned, this is to ensure targets and timelines are met and within budget.

Quality service to all industries

As professionals, we provide absolute quality in all aspects of our services to each and every industry we work within, all clients can be assured of this.

High quality injection mould tool manufacture

For over 20 years we have been providing high-quality tool manufacturing services and have worked with many clients in many industries to deliver unrivalled service.

World class manufacturing standards and equipment

The equipment we use and the standards we adhere to as a tool design and manufacturing company and organisation are of the highest quality, we believe this is a standard requirement.

Speedy response to enquiries

Our team will respond to all enquiries, whether a new enquiry or an enquiry from an existing client with a matter of urgency.